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Fun: Coachella Weekend One at Vestal Village

by Nick Zegel |

We're alive! Last weekend we had the privilege of joining the Vestal guys along with a ton of other friends (old & new) out in the desert to celebrate Coachella weekend one. What began with some bacon and eggs quickly turned into an epic weekend of camping, music & poolside fun. Below are some photographs from the adventure...


SC Cafe con Leche to get the blood flowing for a couple hours in the old cars...


Hey! Hit it on the 57 and then pass me the damn Ketchup


San Clemente > Palm Springs - Here we go!


The '64 Impala SS was shiny as ever heading into the desert...just feed her some gas


Looking good doesn't make the gas any cheaper...


Speakin' of good looking...Open roads and the '34 Ford 5-Window Coupe


Just some tumbleweeds, piles of dirt and a couple billboards advertising washed-up casino headliners


United States of California


A couple Tim Townsley pool paintings at the Stephen Archdeacon Gallery...


Artsy-Fartsy Gallery Snoopin'


 We popped into Wil Stiles and found some fresh ambsn styles.  The Flamango button-up stood tall and proud in the front window. If you find yourself in Palm Springs and need some trunks or an after hours party suit this is your spot. Sweet!



Wil of Wil Stiles talking story and showing off a couple beautiful prints.



This mail box waves hello to the mailman every day...Pretty nice of it.


Almost time to party...not before a quick healthy lunch at Kings Highway and a poolside stop at the ACE hotel


Kale and Quinoa and Cranberries and stuff



Nice day. Nice pool. Nice life.


Hey look! That guys wearing an ambsn popsicle tank!


Back on the road for the final leg of the trip out...



Carpoolchella. Duh!


OK...Here we are. Let the flabongos, uh I mean, games begin!


"Yeah, I know. I've been working all winter on this rig"


That didn't take long. Hi Nick.


Mosh it up! Orrr start with some yoga. Whatever works...Hey, nice trunks by the way!


I spy some poolside smooching.


Dylan caught tripping over his own tent. Nice.


The elusive Cowboy Dan. Top & Bottom for the win! #OOTD






Weekend at Greenies. The bros first sample of the new St. Archer brew...tastes nice.


Coconuts on Kyle!


Overheard Backstage: "This guy over here...Lookin' sharp in his Lurve Button-Up"


Thanks to the wonderful bar-tenders...serving pink drinks all weekend


"Hey! Catch!"


Jeremy of Weapons of Audio performing at the barn party rocking the Lurve. Yeah!




"In the Night Light"


Sunday Morning. The Devils Den...


The Devil, himself.


Our buddies The Ragged Jubilee killed it on Sunday!


Nice Drumming. Nicer Shorts!



Folks enjoying the show including Johnny rocking the Dazzy boardies and Floyd of Weapons of Audio sporting some red Pause Baggies. Lookin' good dudes.






Suns going down. Time to get home!


See ya Vestal Village. Thanks for the good times and memories. See you next year!