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Bites: PIE-NOT Aussie Bakery

by Nick Zegel |


The other week we took a quick lunch break to taste-test our good pals new bakery, PIE-NOT.  The boys are bringing some gourmet Australian meat and veggie pies straight to the heart of Orange County with their grand-opening in Costa Mesa. We decided to keep things classic for our first of many trips to PIE-NOT so we started with the Dog's Eye (classic meat-pie) and That'll Do Pig (meat-pie with some bacon).  The pies hit the spot, filling our bellies and energizing us to push through the rest of the day, throwing up a new window at Surfside Sports.  If you find yourself in the area definitely stop by and tell them ambsn sent you!

270 17th St., Suite 17
Costa Mesa, CA 92627


Skawinski knew the way...


"Oh hey guys! Nice Pies!"




Oscar came along for the day...pumped to be out of the office.


Yeah...what they said.


That'll Do Pig...That'll Do


Jai serving up Pies til they're all out!


Decisions. Decisions.


You may need a pick-me-up after some pie...PIE-NOT has that on lock with some Aussie coffee. They damn near thought of everything!


Chef Samantha!


Ready to go...


These babys just glow in the sunlight...


So does Dustin.  ...and well there she goes...Dogs Eye #1 in the history books. Thanks PIE-NOT for a delicious lunch & best of luck Ryan & Jai!