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Found: Long Beach Flea Market

by Nick Zegel |


Every third Sunday in Long Beach, California antique vendors, junk collectors, celebrities & everyday folks gather to browse & buy  all types of strange and awesome things. Books, art, electronics, clothes, furniture, records...the list goes on and the options are plentiful...You never know what you'll walk away with after a trip to the Long Beach Antique Market...  


"Big 10-4"


Contemporary Signage Graveyard...We prefer the old stuff...


Stars & Stripes


Theres a look...


McDonald's Fry Radio


Dutton's Popcorn hand-painted type...Yummy. Popcorn...Yummy.


*Bling* *Bling*


Pepsi Cola Ventura, California...Kind of wanted this one...


Beads, Blunts & Jaguars


Classic Bud Surf Tour sticker!


FORE! Almost had to walk away with this one...


Patch World!


Damn! A life float from the Titanic! 


This dude must have had a good time in the 80s! 


This girl must have had no fun, ever.


The body is a magical thing!





Nothing quite like a classic gum-ball machine. All those colorful little gum-balls just waiting their turn to slide down the chute and into the hands of a gum-ball enthusiast...


All those antiques, strange smells & negotiating sure do build up an appetite


Just the place for Sunday over-eating!