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Seen: Northern California

by Dylan Odbert |

Last weekend we made our way up to our home town of Arroyo Grande California for the 4th of July. We partied from dusk until dawn, Cannon Balling for freedom in the pool and dancing our asses off to the legendary Monte Mills. By night we were lighting up the sky with more fireworks than Disney Land. The morning of the 5th we pulled ourselves together and took a trip up north to our cabin in Lake Tahoe. Our drive took us through some awesome country. The sleepy towns of Lockeford, Plymouth and El Dorado were full of cows, tumbleweeds, rolling hills and awesome divebars. Eventually we arrived at our favorite food stop: Placerville. In Placerville, we indulge in the worlds best fast Mexican food: Jim Boys. After housing five tacos and a Dr. Pepper we were on our way for the final stretch to Tahoe. The trip took 7 hours but we finally arrived at our destination: a small 1930's cabin, tucked cozily into the Sierra Nevada landscape. As soon as you walk into the cabin, you are taken back in time. From the floral print linoleum floor, the Folsom Prison hand made Cabinetry, to all of the old 50's appliances. This Cabin and the surrounding area are so inspiring that we based the ambsn Fall 2013 line after it. We spent our weekend fishing, hiking, and relaxing by the campfire. By Sunday afternoon we had packed up and hit the road for our 11 hour drive back to San Clemente. All in all a great weekend, we hope you had a great one too!!



































4th of July Mascot!



Mucho balance



Cabin fever 

Bryant Creek

El Dorado foothills

Poor Red El Dorado, Calif.